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Katharina Rutschky (born January 25, 1941) is a German educationalist and author. She coined the term "Schwarze Pädagogik" (literally black pedagogy) in her eponymous book from 1977. The term was later translated to poisonous pedagogy by Alice Miller. Rutschky resides in Berlin.

Publications Edit

  • Schwarze Pädagogik, originally published in 1977.[1]
  • Deutsche Kinder-Chronik: Wunsch- und Schreckensbilder aus vier Jahrhunderten, originally published in 1983.[2]
  • Deutsche Schul-Chronik: Lernen und Erziehen in vier Jahrhunderten, originally published in 1991.[3]
  • Erregte Aufklärung: Kindesmissbrauch: Fakten & Fiktionen, originally published in 1992.[4]
  • Handbuch sexueller Missbrauch, originally published in 1994.[5]
  • Emma and her Sisters, originally published in 1999.[6]
  • Der Stadthund: von Menschen an der Leine, originally published in 2001. [7]

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  • (German)

Jaja, sie hat ihre Verdienste - aber welche?. Katharina Rutschky reviewing a book by Alice Schwarzer in Berliner Zeitung. June 16, 2007.

  • (German)

Résumé, in Berliner Morgenpost.

  • (German) Commented list of works

  • (German)

Ulla Hanselmann and Ariane Heimbach: Interview with Katharina Rutschky about her book Emma and her sisters. Deutsches Allgemeines Sonntagsblatt. August 4, 2000.

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