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Kate Davidson is a British clinical and social psychologist

Biographical informationEdit

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Graduated in clinical psychology from the University of Edinburgh in 1981 studying the relationship between alcohol dependence and depression.

Has been actively involved in Prevention of Parasuicide by Manual Assisted Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (POPMACT) trial.


In 1995 joined the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Course at the University of Glasgow as Research Tutor.

Now Director of the Glasgow Institute of Psycho-social Interventions (GIPSI) and Director of the South of Scotland Cognitive Therapy Course.

Main areas of interestEdit

The application of cognitive therapy and theory to personality disorders and to deliberate self-harm.

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  • Schmidt U and Davidson K. (2004) Life after self harm. Psychology Press. Hove, East Sussex.
  • Davidson K.M. (2000) Cognitive therapy for personality disorders: a guide for clinicians. Arnold (Hodder), London.

Book ChaptersEdit


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