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Judy Dunn is a British psychologist specialising in child development and family issues.

Biographical informationEdit



Was previously Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry.

Currently MRC Research Professor, King's College London working in the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Research Centre

Main areas of interestEdit

Developmental psychology, child psychiatry, the development of children, their adjustment, social understanding and family relationships.

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  • Dunn, J.(1988) The Beginnings of Social Understanding. Blackwell. ISBN 9780631157755
  • Dunn, J.(1988) Children's Friendships. Blackwell ISBN 9781405114479
  • Dunn, J.(1992) Separate Lives: Why Siblings Are So Different.
  • Dunn, J.(199) From One Child to Two

Book ChaptersEdit


  • Dunn, J. and Kendrick, C. (1979) Interaction between young siblings in the context of family relationships. In: M. Lewis and L.A. Rosenblum (eds) The Child and its Family, New York: Plenum Press.
  • Dunn, J. & Kendrick, C. (1982) Siblings: Love, Envy arc Understanding, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.
  • Dunn, J., Kendrick, C. and MacNamee, R. (1981) The reaction of first-born children to the birth of a sibling: mothers' reports, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychology 22:1-18
  • Dunn, J. and Munn, P. (1985) Becoming a family member: family conflict and the development of social understanding in the first year, Child Development 50: 306-18.
  • Dunn, J. and Munn, P. (1987) Development of justifications in disputes with mother and children, Developmental Psychology 23: 791-8.
  • Dunn, J. (2004). Children's relationships with their nonresident fathers. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, vol. 45, no. 4, 659-671.
  • Dunn, J., Cheng, H., O'Connor, T.G. and Bridges, L. (2004). Children's perspectives on their relationships with their nonresident fathers: Influences, outcomes and implications. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, vol. 45, no. 3, 553-566.
  • Dunn, J. & Hughes, C. (2000). “I’ve got some swords and you’re dead!” Violent fantasy, antisocial behaviour, friendship, and moral sensibility in young children. Child Development, 72, 491-505.
  • Dunn, J. & Hughes, C. (1998). Young children’s understanding of emotions within close relationships. Cognition and Emotion, 12, 171-190.

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