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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 40 (2009)Edit

  • Tafarodi, R. W., Shaughnessy, S. C., Lee, W. W. S., Leung, D. Y. P., Ozaki, Y., Morio, H., & Yamaguchi, S. (2009). Disregard for outsiders: A cultural comparison. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 40, 567-583. Full text

Volume 39 (2008)Edit

Volume 38 (2007)Edit

  • Lalonde, R. N., Giguère, B., Fontaine, M., & Smith, A. (2007). Social dominance orientation and ideological asymmetry in relation to interracial dating and transracial adoption in Canada. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 38, 559-572. Full text

Volume 37 (2006)Edit

Volume 36 (2005)Edit

Volume 35 (2004)Edit

  • Tafarodi, R. W., Lo, C., Yamaguchi, S., Lee, W. W.-S., & Katsura, H. (2004). The inner self in three countries. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 35, 97-117. Full text
  • Uskul, A. K., Hynie, M., & Lalonde, R. N. (2004). Interdependence as a mediator between culture and interpersonal closeness for Euro-Canadians and Turks. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 35, 174-191. Full text
  • Lalonde, R. N., Hynie, M., Pannu, M., & Tatla, S. (2004). The role of culture in interpersonal relationships: Do second generation South Asian Canadians want a traditional partner? Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 35, 503-524. Full text

Volume 34 (2003)Edit

Volume 33 (2002)Edit

  • Okazaki, S. & Kallivayalil, D. (2002). Cultural norms and subjective disability as predictors of symptom reports among Asian Americans and White Americans. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 33, 482-491. Full text

Volume 32 (2001)Edit

Volume 31 (2000)Edit

Volume 30 (1999)Edit

  • Tafarodi, R. W., Lang, J. M., & Smith, A. J. (1999). Self-esteem and the cultural trade-off: Evidence for the role of individualism-collectivism. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 30, 620-640. Full text

Volume 29 (1998)Edit

Volume 28 (1997)Edit

Volume 27 (1996)Edit

Volume 26 (1995)Edit

Volume 25 (1994)Edit

Volume 24 (1993)Edit

Volume 23 (1992)Edit

  • Lalonde, R. N., Taylor, D. M. & Moghaddam, F. M. (1992). The process of social identification for visible immigrant women in a multicultural setting. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 23, 25-39. Full text

Volume 22 (1991)Edit

Volume 21 (1990)Edit

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