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From the website:
The Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology (JCAAWP) is a new scientific journal [the fist issue was published on 9 February 1997] that exists primarily on the World Wide Web. JCAAWP publishes original empirical, review, and theoretical work in all areas of the scientific study of credibility assessment and witness psychology. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Psychophysiological Credibility Assessment
  • Statement Analysis
  • Malingering
  • Interviewing Techniques and Processes
  • Eyewitness Memory
  • Traumatic Memory
  • Child Witness Issues
  • Confession Phenomena and Interrogation
  • Legal Issues Related to All of These Topics

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  • Language: English
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Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 5 (2004)Edit

  • Jelicic, M., Merckelbach, H., & van Bergen, S. (2004). Symptom validity testing of feigned crime-related amnesia: A simulation study. Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology, 5, 1-8. Full text

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