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Volume 35 (2009)Edit

Volume 34 (2008)Edit

Volume 33 (2007)Edit

Volume 32 (2006)Edit

Volume 31 (2005)Edit

Volume 30 (2004)Edit

Volume 29 (2003)Edit

  • Smith, A., & Lalonde, R. N. (2003). “Racelessness” in a Canadian context? Exploring the link between Black students’ identity, achievement, and mental health. Journal of Black Psychology, 29, 142-164. Full text

Volume 28 (2002)Edit

Volume 27 (2001)Edit

Volume 26 (2000)Edit

  • Shelton, J. N. & Sellers, R. M. (2000). Situational stability and variability in African American racial identity. Journal of Black Psychology, 26, 27-50.
  • Boatswain, S.J., & Lalonde, R.N. (2000). Social identity and preferred ethnic/racial labels for Blacks in Canada. Journal of Black Psychology, 26, 216-234. Full text

Volume 25 (1999)Edit

Volume 24 (1998)Edit

Volume 23 (1997)Edit

Volume 22 (1996)Edit

Volume 21 (1995)Edit

Volume 20 (1994)Edit

Volume 19 (1993)Edit

  • Sellers, R. M. (1993). A call to arms for researchers studying racial identity. Journal of Black Psychology, 19, 327-332. Full text

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