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Joseph H. Berke, M.D., is an individual and family psychotherapist. He is the Founder and Director of the Arbours Crisis Centre, London, and a lecturer and teacher. He is the author of many articles and books on psychological, social, political and religious themes, including Mary Barnes:Two Accounts of a Journey through Madness (with Mary Barnes), I Haven't Had To Go Mad Here, The Tyranny of Malice: Exploring the Dark Side of Character and Culture, Sanctuary: The Arbours Experience of Alternative Community Care (co-editor) and Even Paranoids Have Enemies: New Perspectives on Paranoia and Persecution (co-editor). He is currently working on several books including Psychoanalysis and Kabbalah (with Stanley Schneider) and Beyond Madness: PsychoSocial Interventions in Psychosis (co-editor).

Berke worked with R. D. Laing in the 1960's when the Philadelphia Association was set up, and was resident psychiatrist at Kingsley Hall, where he helped Mary Barnes, a schizophrenic who later became famous.

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