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John Suler is professor of psychology at Rider University and he maintains The Psychology of Cyberspace hypertextbook and accompanying blog.

The website has been going for over 10 years and covers all areas of psychological research into internet use.

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  • Suler, J.R. (1993). Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Eastern Thought. Albany, New York: State University of New York Press.
  • Suler, J.R. Psychology of Cyberspace
  • Suler, J.R. MADMAN: Strange Adventures of a Psychology Intern (2010, True Center Publishing) A breathtakingly accurate depiction of the challenges facing psychology interns. WIth irreverent humor, a surreal imagination, and elements of eastern philosophy, this coming-of-age story captures the point of view of a young clinical psychologist and his mind-blowing immersion into the world of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Book ChaptersEdit

  • Suler, J.R. (2004). Do boys and girls just wanna have fun?In A. Kunkel, Gender Communication Kendall/Hunt Publishing.Full text
  • Suler, J.R. (2004). The psychology of text relationships. In Online Counseling: a manual for mental health professionals (R. Kraus, J. Zack & G. Striker, Eds). London: Elsevier Academic Press. Full text
  • Suler, J.R. (2001). The psychology of avatars and graphical space in multimedia chat communities. In Michael Beiswenger (ed.), Chat Communication, pp. 305-344. Ibidem, Stuttgart, Germany. Full text
  • Suler, J.R. (1996). Psychoanalysis. In Chambliss, J.J. (Ed), Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia (pp. 508-512. New York: Garland.
  • Suler, J.R. (1996). Computer-simulated psychotherapy as an aid in teaching clinical psychology. In Ware, M. & Johnson, D. (eds), Handbook of Demonstrations and Activities in the Teaching of Psychology (volume 3). New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (reprinted from Teaching of Psychology, 14, 37-39)Full text


  • Suler, J.R. (2004). Extending the classroom into cyberspace: The discussion board. [CyberPsychology and Behavior]], 7, 397-403.Full text
  • Fenichel, M., Suler, J., Azy Barak, Zelvin, E., Jones, G., Munro, K., Meunier, V., & Walker-Schmucker, W. (2002). Myths and Realities of Online Clinical Work. CyberPsychology and Behavior, 481-497.Full text
  • Suler, J.R. (1999). The Palace. New Observations: Cultures of Cyberspace, 120, 10.Full text
  • Suler, J.R. (1991b). Book review of Clinical Empathy by D. Berger. NY: Jason Aronson, 1987. In Psychoanalytic Psychology, 8, 122-127.

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