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John Rowan is an author, counselor, psychotherapist and clinical supervisor who practices Primal integration in England. He has worked with Ken Wilber in exploring Transpersonal psychology.

Career summaryEdit

He has been involved since 1950 in the work of the Walsby Association on systematic ideology. He lived and worked with Harold Walsby in 1950, and in 1951 and joined the Socialist Party of Great Britain in order to learn the rudiments of Marxism. He became the editor of the SPGB's internal journal, Forum but left the Party during the Turner Controversy.

He is a qualified individual and group psychotherapist (UKAHPP and UKCP), a Chartered counseling psychologist (BPS) and an accredited counselor (BACP). He works in private practice in London.

He has a Ph. D from Middlesex University, is an Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and a past member of the Governing Board of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, representing the Humanistic and Integrative Section.

He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (member of the Psychotherapy Section and the Counseling Psychology Division, the Counseling Psychology Division, the Transpersonal Section and the Consciousness and Experience Section).

He is also a Fellow of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy.

His most popular publication is Ordinary Ecstasy which was originally published in 1976 and is a summary and guide to all the branches of Humanistic psychology.


He is the author of a number of books, including the following.

  • A Guide To Humanistic Psychology 3rd Edition (AHPP 2005)
  • Subpersonalities – The people Inside Us (Routledge 1990)
  • Discover your subpersonalities - Our Inner World and the People In It (Routledge 1993)
  • Healing the Male Psyche - Therapy as Initiation (Routledge 1997)
  • The Reality Game - A Guide to Humanistic Counseling and Psychotherapy 2nd edition (Routledge 1998)
  • Ordinary Ecstasy - The Dialectics of Humanistic Psychology 3rd edition (Routledge 2001)
  • The Future of Training in Psychotherapy and Counseling (Routledge 2005)
  • The Horned God (RKP 1987)
  • The Transpersonal: Spirituality in Psychotherapy and Counselling 2nd edition (Routledge 2005)
  • The Therapist's Use of Self with Michael Jacobs (Open University Press 2002)

He is on the Editorial Board of the following periodicals.

  • Self & Society
  • The Transpersonal Psychology Review
  • Counseling Psychology Review
  • Journal of Humanistic Psychology

He also helped to produce the radical men's magazine Achilles Heel. He has had five books of poetry published. He and his wife live in North Chingford, London: he has four children and four grandchildren from a previous marriage.


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