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Autohypnosis Hypnotherapy
In childbirth


History of Mesmerism
Franz Mesmer
History of hypnosis
James Braid

Key figures

Marquis de Puységur
James Esdaile
John Elliotson
Jean-Martin Charcot
A. Liébeault
Hippolyte Bernheim
Pierre Janet
Sigmund Freud
Émile Coué
Morton Prince
Clark L. Hull
Andrew Salter
Theodore R. Sarbin
Milton H. Erickson
Ernest R. Hilgard
Martin T. Orne
André Weitzenhoffer
Nicholas Spanos

Related topics

Hypnotic susceptibility
Hypnotic suggestion
Post-hypnotic suggestion
Suggestibility Suggestion

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John Milne Bramwell (1852 – 1925) was an Scottish physician and author, born at Perth, and educated at the University of Edinburgh.[1]

He collected the works of James Braid the founder of hypnotism and helped to revive and maintain Braid's legacy in Great Britain.

He studied hypnotism thoroughly, including that employed in France at Paris and Nancy. He visited Liebeault in Nancy in 1889 and subsequently wrote an important early book on hypnosis in 1903Hypnotism: Its History, Practice, and Theory.

Bramwell himself was renowned a practitioner of hypnotherapy.


Dr. Bramwell wrote:


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