The Psychology Wiki's mission is to create an online resource that places the entire body of psychology knowledge in the hands of its users, be they academics, practitioners or users of psychology services.

There are two problems with the current state of the science. Firstly, psychology is composed of different and competing paradigms and perspectives, with researchers in different areas being unable to form an integrated model. In addition, much of this knowledge is inaccessible due to the restrictive nature of the journal-subscription model and the limited availability of research papers in libraries and electronic databases.

Our aim is to provide a framework within which these issues can be addressed. We look to work on the first problem by gathering psychology knowledge into one place, so creating a meta textbook. Articles can then be extensively cross linked, easily explaining terminology of one sub-discipline to a researcher in another, facilitating integration and discussion and allowing for the generation of new hypotheses and new theoretical models

We address the second issue by gathering together all the most relevant references in our science and attempting to link them to full text. Where this is not possible we will develop fuller, more useful summaries of papers than is available in abstracts. With each paper now freely available and having its own discussion page we hope to stimulate more active debate on individual papers.

The overall aim is to have the full corpus of psychology knowledge available on the desktop. We envisage that this will enable us collectively to integrate our knowledge more effectively than in the past.

In order to do this we need your help. The task of unifying our discipline into an integrated and modern science is simply too large for any small group of individuals. Only through the combined work of our entire psychology community will this task be possible.

I urge you to contribute to this project in any way you can.

Dr Joe Kiff ... etc... Mostly Zen Baby tao (talk) 17:28, 17 July 2006 (UTC)

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