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Joe Griffin is a writer and co-founder with Ivan Tyrrell of the school of psychology known as the human givens approach [How to reference and link to summary or text].

Publications Edit

Griffin, J (1997). The Origin of Dreams . Worthing: The Therapist Ltd. ISBN 1899398309

  • Griffin, J. & Tyrrell, I. (1998) Hypnosis and Trance States: The first fully referenced explanation of hypnosis from an evolutionary perspective. Organising Idea Monograph, No.1. European Therapy Studies Institute. ISBN 1899398902.
  • Griffin, J. & Tyrrell, I. (1998) Psychotherapy and the Human Givens. Organising Idea Monograph, No.2. European Therapy Studies Institute. ISBN 1899398953.
  • Griffin, J. & Tyrrell, I. (1999) Breaking the Cycle of Depression: The connection between deepression and dreaming and what it means for psychotherapy. Organising Idea Monograph, No.3. European Therapy Studies Institute.
  • Griffin, J. & Tyrrell, I. (2000) The APET model: patterns in the brain. Updating cognitive behavioural therapy. Organising Idea Monograph, No.4. European Therapy Studies Institute. ISBN 1899398066.
  • Griffin, J. & Tyrrell, I. (2000) The Shackled Brain: How to release locked in patterns of psychological trauma. Organising Idea Monograph, No.5. European Therapy Studies Institute. ISBN 1899398112.
  • Griffin. J. & Tyrrell, I. (2003) The Human Givens: A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking. UK, HG Publishing, ISBN 1899398317.
  • Griffin. J. & Tyrrell, I. (2004) Dreaming Reality: How dreaming keeps us sane, or can drive us mad. UK, HG Publishing, ISBN 1899398368.
  • Griffin. J. & Tyrrell, I. (2004) How to lift UK, HG Publishing, ISBN 1899398414.
  • Griffin. J. & Tyrrell, I. (2005) Freedom from addiction: The secret behind successful addiction busting. UK, HG Publishing, ISBN 1899398465

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