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Job Corps is a no-cost education and vocational training program administered by the Office of the United States Secretary of the Department of Labor. It serves youth, ages 16 through 24.

Since its inception in 1964, under the Economic Opportunity Act, Job Corps has provided more than two million young people with the integrated academic, vocational, and social skills training they need to gain independence and get quality, long-term jobs or further their education. Job Corps continues to help 60,000 youths annually at 122 Job Corps centers throughout the country.

Besides vocational training, all Job Corps centers also offer GED programs as well as high school diplomas and programs to get students into college. Job Corps provides career counseling and transition support to its students for up to 1 year after they graduate from the program.

gency relief program, the CCC provided room, board, and employment to thousands of unemployed young people. Though the CCC was discontinued after World War II, Job Corps built on many of its methods and strategies.

Job Corps mission statement

As a national, primarily residential, career development program, Job Corps' mission is to:[How to reference and link to summary or text]

  1. Attract eligible young people.
  2. Involve them in a career development services system which begins prior to enrollment and continues through post-center services.
  3. Assist them in acquiring the skills they need to achieve their career goals and live independently.
  4. Support them in entering and remaining in meaningful jobs or further education.


To enroll in Job Corps, students must meet the following requirements:[1]

  1. Be between 16 and 24
  2. Be a United States citizen or legal resident
  3. Meet income requirements
  4. Be ready, willing, and able to participate fully in an educational environment

Career paths

Below are some career paths offered by Job Corps.


Job Corps has 122 centers in the following regions:

Atlanta region

Boston region

Chicago region

Dallas region

  • Albuquerque Job Corps Center
  • Anaconda Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Boxelder Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Carville Job Corps Center
  • Cass Job Corps Center
  • Clearfield Job Corps Center
  • Collbran Job Corps Civilian Conservation Ceneter
  • David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center
  • Gary Job Corps Center
  • Guthrie Job Corps Center
  • Kicking Horse Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Laredo Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Little Rock Job Corps Center
  • North Texas Job Corps Center
  • Ouachita Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps Center
  • Roswell Job Corps Center
  • Shreveport Job Corps Center
  • Talking Leaves Job Corps Center
  • Trapper Creek Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Treasure Lake Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Tulsa Job Corps Center
  • Weber Basin Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center

Philadelphia region

San Francisco region

  • Alaska Job Corps Center
  • Angell Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Cascades Job Corps Center
  • Centennial Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Columbia Basin [Moses Lake] Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Curlew Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Fort Simcoe Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center
  • Hawaii Job Corps Center
  • Inland Empire Job Corps Center
  • Long Beach Job Corps Center
  • Los Angeles Job Corps Center
  • Partners in Vocational Opportunity Training (PIVOT) Job Corps Center
  • Phoenix Job Corps Center
  • Sacramento Job Corps Center
  • San Diego Job Corps Center
  • San Jose Job Corps Center
  • Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center
  • Springdale Job Corps Center
  • Timber Lake Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
  • Tongue Point Job Corps Center
  • Treasure Island Job Corps Center
  • Wolf Creek Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center

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