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James Charles Crumbaugh (1912 - 2005), American psychologist and parapsychologist born in Terrell Texas was also very influential in cultivation of Logotherapy in the realm of alcoholism. Educated at Baylor University (B.A., 1935), Southern Methodist University (M.A., 1938), and the University of Texas (Ph.D., 1953).

During World War II he served as an assistant psychologist in the U.S. Army Air Force Aviation Cadet Classification Program (1941-45). After the war he became an instructor in psychology at Memphis State University, a post he held while finishing his doctorate (1947-56). He served in the Veterans Administration Post-Doctoral Training Program in Clinical Psychology (1956-57); as chairman of the Department of Psychology, MacMurray College, Jacksonville, Illinois (1957-59), and as research director of the Bradley Center, Columbus, Georgia (1959-64). In 1964 he became a staff psychologist at the VA Hospital at Gulfport, Mississippi.

Crumbaugh used Logotherapy to develop a recovery system for alcoholics and went on to write several books on the subject.


"Logotherapy: New Help For Problem Drinkers" "Everything To Gain."