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Mark Williams, PhD, is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Wales, Bangor. Where he began the University's Institute of Medical and Social research and the Center for Mindfulness Research practice. He also helped create the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

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He focused on psychological processes that underlie depression and suicidal behavior. This interest led to the assisting of Zindel V. Segal and John D. Teasdale in the creation of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT.

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  • Segal, Z.V., Williams, J.M.G. & Teasdale, J.D, 2002, Mindfulness–based Cognitive Therapy for Depression. A New Approach to Preventing Relapse. Guilford Press.

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  • Williams JMG, Teasdale JD, Segal ZV and Soulsby J. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy reduces overgeneral autobiographical memory in formerly depressed patients. J Abnorm Psychol (2001).
  • Teasdale, J.D., Segal, Z.V., Williams, J.M.G., 1995, ‘How does cognitive therapy prevent depressive relapse and why should attentional control (mindfulness) training help?’ Behavioral Research and Therapy, 33, 25-39.

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