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Ivan O. Godfroid is a writer and a psychiatrist, born in Boussu (Belgium) on May 26th, 1971.

Godfroid is the author of several essays on existence and has developed the concept of Psychiagenia[1] in the field of philosophy of mind. His works is an attempt to unify science and art, as two aspects of the same underlying reality. That is why you can find pure theoretical discussions in his books as well as poetry or prose. As Godfroid's interpretation of humanity is rather dark and cruel, he is sometimes called a 'goth philosopher'.


  • 1999 : La psychiatrie de la femme (Paris, Presses Universitaires de France)
  • 2003 : L'effet placebo. Un voyage à la frontière du corps et de l'esprit. (Charleroi, Socrate Éditions Promarex)
  • 2004 : Larmes de venin. Essai sur le pouvoir. (L'ombre close des portes celtiques, Livre III) (Charleroi, Socrate Éditions Promarex)
  • 2005 : Pacte de contrition. Essai sur la folie. (L'ombre close des portes celtiques, Livre IV) (Charleroi, Socrate Éditions Promarex)
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