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The International Association of Applied Psychology is the oldest international association of psychologists and was established in 1920,. Its official languages are English and French. It now has more than 1.500 members from more than 80 countries.

Aims of organisationEdit


They have 16 divisions:

  1. Division of Organizational Psychology
  2. Division of Psychological Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Division of Psychology and National Development
  4. Division of Environmental Psychology
  5. Division of Educational, Instructional and School Psychology
  6. Division of Clinical and Community Psychology
  7. Division of Applied Gerontology
  8. Division of Health Psychology
  9. Division of Economic Psychology
  10. Division of Psychology and Law
  11. Division of Political Psychology
  12. Division of Sport Psychology
  13. Division of Traffic and Transportation Psychology
  14. Division of Applied Cognitive Psychology
  15. Student Division
  16. Division of Counseling Psychology.

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