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InspireData is a visual learning software tool used for data collection and analysis. It was developed by TERC, an educational research and development lab committed to improving mathematics and science teaching and learning. It is published by Inspiration Software, Inc. InspireData is compatible with Macintosh and PC operating systems.

InspireData is designed for science, mathematics and social studies students in grades 4-12 to collect, analyze and interact with data in a visual, dynamic inquiry process. As a result, they should learn to question, explore, solve problems and draw conclusions, which will help them to build deeper content knowledge, strengthen their critical thinking skills and develop data literacy.

InspireData has two primary interfaces, Table View and Plot View. Table View allows for the collection of data, and Plot View allows students to analyze data with multiple plot types, including Venn, stack, pie and axis plots.


  • The Slide Show feature enables students to capture the sequence of data analysis and present their work. They can continue investigation throughout a project using the live data that resides in each slide. Students can also use Slide Show to document findings and conclusions to support project completion.
  • Using Notes, students can add explanations or document processes and observations. Teachers can use Notes to give students project instructions or feedback.
  • Customizable icons allow students to recognize patterns and give visual meaning to plots. Students can create or import icons or choose from the 100+ icons in InspireData's library.
  • InspireData includes access to 50+ databases in science, mathematics, social studies and more.
  • InspireData also comes with 10 classroom projects in a complimentary Classroom Projects book. The projects contain complete lesson plan ideas for science, mathematics and social studies.

Inspiration Software, Inc. also publishes Inspiration and Kidspiration, visual learning tools used primarily to create graphic organizers, such as diagrams, webs and concept maps.

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