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Information behavior has emerged as an important aspect of human life, however our knowledge and understanding of it is incomplete and underdeveloped scientifically. Research on the topic is largely contemporary in focus and has generally not incorporated results from other disciplines.

Our understanding of information behavior is being extended by incorporating related findings, theories and models from social sciences, psychology and cognition. Information behavior is an important instinctive sociocognitive ability that can only be fully understood with a highly interdisciplinary approach. The improtant areas for further research include: What is the evolutionary, biological and developmental nature of information behavior? What is the role of instinct versus environment in shaping information behavior? and How have information behavior capabilities evolved and developed over time?

A recent book by Spink (2010)[1] lays the foundation for a new interdisciplinary theoretical perspective on information behavior that will not only provide a more holistic framework for this field but will also impact those sciences, and thus also open up many new research directions.

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  1. Spink, A. (2010). Information Behavior: An Evolutionary Instinct. Springer. in her book "Information Behavior: An Evolutionary Instinct"

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