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Brain: Inferior horn of lateral ventricle
Drawing of a cast of the ventricular cavities, viewed from above.
Drawing of a cast of the ventricular cavities, viewed from the side.
Latin cornu inferior
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The inferior cornu (temporal horn, descending horn; middle horn; medicornu), the largest of the horns of the lateral ventricle, traverses the temporal lobe of the brain, forming in its course a curve around the posterior end of the thalamus.

It passes at first backward, lateralward, and downward, and then curves forward to within 2.5 cm. of the apex of the temporal lobe, its direction being fairly well indicated on the surface of the brain by that of the superior temporal sulcus.

Its roof is formed chiefly by the inferior surface of the tapetum of the corpus callosum, but the tail of the caudate nucleus and the stria terminalis also extend forward in the roof of the inferior cornu to its extremity; the tail of the caudate nucleus joins the putamen.

Its floor presents the following parts: the hippocampus, the fimbria hippocampi, the collateral eminence, and the choroid plexus.

When the choroid plexus is removed, a cleft-like opening is left along the medial wall of the inferior cornu; this cleft constitutes the lower part of the choroidal fissure.

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