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Ian Parker is a British psychologist at the The Discourse Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has written extensively on Critical psychology

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  • Parker, I. (1997) Psychoanalytic Culture: Psychoanalytic Discourse in Western Society. London: Sage.
  • Parker, I. (2002) Critical Discursive Psychology. London: Palgrave.
  • Parker, I., Georgaca, E., Harper, D., McLaughlin, T. and Stowell-Smith, M. (1995) Deconstructing Psychopathology. London: Sage.

Book Chapters

  • Parker, I. (2004) ‘Psychoanalysis and critical psychology’, in D. Hook (ed.), with N. Mkhize, P. Kiguwa and A. Collins (section eds) and E. Burman and I. Parker (consulting eds) (2004) Critical Psychology. Cape Town: UCT Press.


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