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R00-R69 - Symptoms and signs Edit

(R00-R09) Circulatory and respiratory systems Edit

(R10-R19) Digestive system and abdomen Edit

(R20-R23) Skin and subcutaneous tissue Edit

(R25-R29) Nervous and musculoskeletal systems Edit

(R30-R39) Urinary system Edit

(R40-R46) Cognition, perception, emotional state and behaviour Edit

(R47-R49) Speech and voice Edit

(R50-R69) General symptoms and signs Edit

R70-R99 - Abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classifiedEdit

(R70-R79) On examination of blood, without diagnosis Edit

(R80-R82) On examination of urine, without diagnosis Edit

(R83-R89) On examination of other body fluids, substances and tissues, without diagnosis Edit

(R90-R94) On diagnostic imaging and in function studies, without diagnosis Edit

R95-R99 - Ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality Edit

See alsoEdit

th:ICD-10 บท R: อาการ อาการแสดงและความผิดทางคลินิก
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