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How to use Talk PagesEdit

Talk Pages are used for discussing the content of the page in general, as well as how you think it might be updated. In general, if you are unsure about making a change to the content of an article or other page, check out the talk page and leave a question there. Others may already be discussing the article and may have ideas to share with you.

Convention on talk pagesEdit

If you start a discussion about a given topic, try to give it a heading like this: ==Heading==. This will allow other readers to see what you are talking about. This may not seem important on a blank page, but on a crowded talk page it really helps.

  • Always sign your comments with 4 tildes like this ~~~~. That will cause your username and a time/date to appear like this: Mostly Zen 21:42, 22 June 2006 (UTC)
  • If you are responding to a comment, use a : to indent what you are saying. The : indenting looks like:
This, which is helpful to seperate...
The next comment, and also
The replying comment, and also
The reply to the reply.
  • These minor points help talk pages to look clean and tidy and help ease of reading.

Search:Active Talk PagesEdit

Types of Talk PageEdit

There are several types of talk pages, essentially they are identical, except they are used for different things, depending on the type of article page to which they belong.

Content Talk pagesEdit

These are for the general content pages (black and white), for example: Talk:Clinical_depression.

They are used to discuss the content of articles. Please discuss any major changes on the talk page first, unless you are an experienced user.

User Talk pagesEdit

User talk pages are the talk page for contributors. For example User_talk:Mostly_Zen

Use them to ask questions and leave comments for other contributors. If you leave a message on that persons page, they will get a new messages sign appearing on any page they view until they have a look at your message. Depending on their settings, they may also get an email from the Psychology Wiki.

Paper Talk pagesEdit

These pages are used to discuss published papers. For example: 2003 Paper

Discussion on these pages is generally intended to be of an academic nature, discussing latest research etc...

Experience Talk pagesEdit

These pages are used to comment on user experiences that you may have read. They are primarily intended for people to share experiences and discuss ideas and coping strategies. The articles themselves will be protected so that they cannot be edited by other users, as they are peoples personal experiences. These talk pages should be used sensitively.

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