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I see the IUPsyS as having a pivotal role in promoting the work of the site, as an important tool in developing an international view of psychology, based on a corpus of knowledge, arrived at through concensus, that is then translated into the languages required. This can then form the basis for the development of education and practitioner education around the world.

It is important that IUPsyS satisfies itself that this is an academic and professional site run, without financial interest, for the scholars and practioners of our science. The site is provided by Wikia, on an advertising model, but as creators and contributors etc we simply make use of the facilities which are provided to us for free. On this basis you can recommend to your member societies to explore the potential of the new technology, encourage them to develop a strategy to take advantage of it, and to monitor their progress. People are rightly wary of new technology and require leadership to calm their uncertainties so they can take up the challenge it offers.

I think too, as with the national societies, there is the need to develop policy to encourage people to contribute to these collaborative databases. People need to understand that while they can gain academic credit for the work they do on a personal level, they are also contributing to a worthwhile international project with its long term benefits for us all. It should be seen as a measure of proper practice that all qualified staff, at least, contribute some of their time to these databases as a new way of sharing their knowledge.

In terms of content we would very much like to see the development of the 'World' section of the site, so that we can all have a clear picture of psychology is practiced and taught in each country of the world. Your staff might like to contribute to this from your own databases or encourage your members to arrange to fill in their country's details. Your organization might also like to contribute to the Psychology_-_the_international_perspective page. For example links to any documents and reports you have produced detailing the international development of the science now or in the future would be very welcome.

As with individuals , it is important that learned societies acquaint themselves with the simple skills needed to edit the wiki. There is no better way of doing this than having a go and sharing the skills amongst yourselves!!!

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