Henry Roediger operates the memory lab at The Washington University in St. Louis Memory Lab conducts human learning and memory research. Although we are interested in many different topics in this broad area, our current research is primarily concerned with three issues:

Applying Cognitive Psychology to Enhance Educational Practice

  • How can tests be used in the classroom to promote learning?
  • Are there detrimental effects of giving multiple-choice tests?
  • How does feedback help to enhance learning from tests?

Memory Illusions and False Memories

  • Why do people remember events that never happened to them?
  • What are the cognitive processes that produce false memories?

Dissociations Between Implicit and Explicit Measures of Retention

  • What is the relation between explicit memory, or the conscious recollection of the past, and implicit memory, in which conscious remembering is not required?
  • What are the differences between implicit and explicit memory?
  • Are there different memory systems responsible for implicit and explicit memory?


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