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6. Where next?

If you didn't log in at the start of this tutorial, you might like to create your own username.

You're welcome to edit anonymously, but there are many benefits to creating one. See Also: Why Should I Register

Explore the Psychology Wiki...

  • Have a look at our Community Portal
  • View the recent changes
  • Use the search box on the left hand side of any page
  • Or try visiting a random page - but be aware that as this project is in its early stages, random pages are not of very good quality yet.
  • One of our Featured Pages might be a better first example of what the project is intended to look like.

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Brain repair figure iii
The task now is to link all the information together. New links (blue) work like Synapses to communicate the information between different articles. Articles with lots of red links are dead articles which need to be improved and linked into the rest of the network more thoroughly, or else deleted.
Mostly ZenAdded by Mostly Zen
Brain repair figure iv
New articles (Green in this diagram) work like new neurons in that they contain new knowledge. If the articles are properly linked into the network, they increase its value exponentially.
Mostly ZenAdded by Mostly Zen

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