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{{3-Please leave this line alone}}
{{3-Please leave this line alone}}
''See Also:''
* <big>'''[[Help:Contents|Help Contents]]'''</big>
* <big>'''[[Psychology_Wiki_For_Beginners|Beginners Guide to Editing]]'''</big>
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<!-- Next:
1. Write your text below and try to format it,
1. Write your text below and try to format it,

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3. Formatting

The next step is to format your text.

How do I make a link?

Tutorial 3
Format your text with simple code
Mostly ZenAdded by Mostly Zen
  • To make a link, you surround the link word with square brackets [[like this]]

If the page exists, the link will be blue. If it's not been created yet the link will be red.

How do I make italic and bold text?

Single quotes are used for italic and bold text.

  • Italics are made with ''two single quotes''
  • Bold is made with '''three single quotes'''
  • Text can be made italic and bold with '''''five single quotes'''''

How do I make headings?

Headings are made with equals signs.

  • A top level heading is made with:

==two equals signs==

  • Subheadings are made with:

===three or more equals signs===

  • Further Subheadings are made with:

====four or more equals signs====

Try formatting now:

  1. Click edit above
  2. Try to add some formatted text
  3. Click Show preview to check what you have written
  4. Click Save page to save your writing
To learn how to make lists and indents go to page 4 of this tutorial

Test edits...

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