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Clicking this link will take you to a random page in the wiki's main article namespace. Pages such as redirects will be omitted.


Wikipedia-specific help

Template:Ph:Random page

This page is a copy of the master help page at Meta (for general help information all Wikimedia projects can use), with two Wikipedia-specific templates inserted. To update the main text, edit the master help page for all projects at m:Help:Random page. For Wikipedia-specific issues, use Template:Ph:Random page (the extra text at the bottom of this page) or Template:Phh:Random page for a Wikipedia-specific lead (text appears at the top of this page). You are welcome to copy the exact wikitext from the master page at Meta and paste it into this page at any time. To view this page in other languages see the master page at Meta. indian primeminister list since 1947 to 2006 indian president since 1947 to 2006

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The location of the random page link under the On this Wiki tab

The random page link can be used to go to a random article in the wikia's content namespaces. This link is great as a starting point for browsing a wikia, or if you just want to learn a random piece of information. A link to random page is shown in the On the Wiki tab of every wikia.

On most wikias the content namespaces include only the main namespace. However, some wikias have custom namespaces — if marked as content namespaces, they will also show in results.

Not all pages are included (such as redirects) and the results are not strictly random.

Going to a random page in a specific namespaces

You can choose to view random pages in specific namespaces. To create a link to a random page in a specific namespace, use [[Special:Random/namespace name]]. There are normally no links to these on the wikia so you will need to link to them manually if you want to use them. For example, by copying the section below:

If you have custom namespaces on your wikia, you can also view random pages in those namespaces by linking to them in the same way.

If there are no pages in a namespace, the random page will take you to the main page of the wikia instead.

Note: often "project" is a redirect to the project namespace ("Community Central" on this wikia).

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