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Google Calendar can be a great way to share important dates about the subject of your wikia and provide a way to remind your audience of important events. This is an example of an embedded Google calendar.

Embeding Google Calendar

  • Adding a Google Calendar will be straightforward if you follow these steps.
    1. Sign in to and visit the calendar Settings for the calendar you wish to embed (remember to make the calendar public).
  • Go to the section of the page called "Embed This Calendar"
    1. Copy the code in the embed box
    2. It should look similar to this:
      <iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    3. Create a page in the MediaWiki namespace named "GoogleCalendarWidget". To do this, visit Special:CreatePage on your wiki, and use "MediaWiki:GoogleCalendarWidget" as the pagename.
    4. Paste the iframe code for Google Calendar into this page and publish the change.
    5. Next, visit the page in which you want to display Google Calendar and add following code:
    6. Save the page and the Google Calendar will appear once the page is saved.


  • Google Calendar can be customized, but the customization is limited. Within Google Calendar setup:

Add Calendar Title


Navigation buttons
Print icon
Calendar list
Time zone

Default View

Select: Week, Month or Agenda
Set Width in pixels
Set Height in pixels
Week Starts On Sunday, Monday or Saturday

See Google Calendar embed settings for full list.

I still can't work it out!

If you are having problems setting up Google Calendar on your wikia, feel free to ask the community for help on our Forum, or contact Wikia staff.

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