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This page is a complete index of all our Help pages for the Psychology Wiki. Our help pages are still being developed at present, so bear with us as we fix them, to make your understanding of the Psychology Wiki more user friendly.

Main Help Articles:

See also: Help:Registration

Levels of Help

Here are four levels of help, arranged as a teach yourself course. Although they look daunting you will find that it does not take too long to become at ease.

Copying Material

If you want instructions for copying text and images from Wikipedia and other sources, read this help page:


There is also help for people wishing to translate the site:

    You site came up when i requested free powerpoint templates i need templates for a presentation on muscular movement, bone growth, and nerve transmission do you have or how do I get these free for my presentation?


Templates are code that produces the various navigation boxes around the site. For a list of current templates see:

Help Materials

Asking for help

There are a number of ways to ask for help.

Style Manual

A style manual is available here for ready reference:

One of our main aims on this site is to link all references in articles to either the the full text article or the summary on the major library databases. Here is an update to our progress so far (needs further updating):

Another primary aim is to archive academic material and reinvent the wheel when producing lectures and training materials.

Most academic material now appears to be stored in pdf format.

We now have the ability to link to YouTube video clips

RSS Reader

If you have an RSS reader you can get regular updates on recent changes to the site. This will allow you to monitor areas you are interested in from your desktop.

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