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You can embed audio files on your wiki if they're in a supported format (for example, .OGG). Embedding audio is similar to adding a photo.


To embed audio...

  • Upload your supported audio file (and make a note of the file name).
  • Open an article for editing.
  • Enter the following wikitext to embed your audio file (replacing "example" with whatever your filename is):


Which file types are supported?


For audio files, we strongly support the open-source format Ogg Vorbis, which does not require proprietary software to record or play. You can embed and play OGG files directly from any Wikia page by adding a link to the file like this: [[File:myfile.ogg]]

The OGG player is now enabled on all wikis by default.

There are many OGG converters available on the web to convert files into wiki-compatible format: see

Which file types are NOT supported?


Because MP3 is not a free/open-source format, the MediaWiki software cannot provide an integrated player for MP3 files, and we do not support the format by default.

Other Formats

There are many other formats for audio files that Wikia does not support by default.

If your wikia has a strong need for audio in formats other than OGG, please contact us to discuss your situation further.

Legal Considerations

Please remember you need to follow the normal Wikia restrictions about placing copyrighted content onto your wikia when adding audio or video files.

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