Open access - a wiki manifestoEdit

We the undersigned agree that the journal subscription model of knowledge management results in expensive and limited access to the corpus of knowledge in most of the main academic disciplines.

We acknowledge the progress made by recent self-archiving initiatives and author payment for open access publishing models (eg PLoS and BioMed) which have resulted in a number of journals releasing older material into the public domain. However much of this development has been haphazard and uncoordinated with no central registry of what is and is not publically available.

We call for the establishment of a series of academic wikis covering all the major academic discipline, each with the explicit aim of recreating the historical research record in an open access environment.

By creating:

  • a page for each author (giving a list of their publications;
  • a page for each paper and
  • a page for each journal

we can develop a framework where authors can:

  • link to fulltext copies of their papers
  • lodge papers where they still retain copyright
  • or provide or link to preprints or postprints where this is the only alternative.

Where we can collectively:

  • aggregate older historical papers that are out of copyright
  • and link to full text copies of the papers released by journals into the public domain.

As this structure develops we will seek to negotiate with publishers, particularly the learned societies, to further clarify their open access policies in order to release further papers.

We call on the learned societies to help facilitate this project by recommending that their members input their information, and helping them to develop their skills required.

The consolidated list of open access papers in each academic discipline can then underpin the deveopment of wikibooks and wikiuniversity and specialist academic wikis.

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