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Hans Zulliger (February 21, 1893 - October 18, 1965) was a Swiss teacher, child psychoanalyst and writer who was born near Biel. From 1912 until 1959 he was a primary school teacher in Ittigen, Switzerland.

Zulliger is remembered for his pioneer work of applying psychoanalytical practices into the education of school children, mostly from rural, working-class and under-privileged environments. He was introduced to modern psychiatric thought by educator Ernst Schneider (1878-1957) of the Berne-Hofwil Teachers' Academy. Zullinger enthusiatically studied the works of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler, and became an analysand to Swiss theologian Oskar Pfister. Later, Freud became interested in Zulliger's work and visited him twice in Switzerland.

Zulliger had an intuitive understanding of children, as individuals and in interactive group environments. He conducted research of children concerning their difficulties at school, the games they played, and numerous other aspects of childhood. He published many articles on his personal reflections and observations of school children in the journal Zeitschrift für psycoanalytische Pädagogik, of which he became co-editor of in 1932.

After World War II, Zulliger's work contributed to the re-kindling of psychoanalytic instruction in Europe.

Zulliger is also credited for development of the Tafeln-Z-Test , Zulliger Z test, which is analogous to the better-known Rorschach test.


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