HSED or High School Equivalency Diploma[1] or HEP[2] is comparable to achieving a high school diploma instead of just proving the skills by taking the GED. Sometimes it can be synonym[3]. When spelled HSed it can mean home schooled.

In some places, such as Wisconsin, the HSED is a high school diploma because the Department of Public Instruction awards the credential. It is different from the GED which only certifies the individual has possesses the equivalent of a traditional high school education. Similar programs can be found in other states such as California[4]. There are 5 ways to achieve the HSED according to the Wisconsin Stare Law setting up the HSED:

  • P.I.5.05 - Take the GED tests and pass three other skill required courses plus a career counseling section.
  • P.I.5.06 - Complete unfinished high school credits at a local high school or college.
  • P.I.5.07 - Attain 24 semester or 32 quarter credits at a university or technical college; electives are allowed.
  • P.I.5.08 - Have a foreign degree or diploma.
  • P.I.5.09 - Go through an approved special high school completion program offered by a technical college or other group.


Other online HSED programs are emerging advertising online completion of the diploma, issuing the diploma certificate and transcript requests sent out to any inquiries. Many of these entities are selling HSED's with no accreditation making them diploma mills[6]

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