The Gross national income (GNI) consists of: the personal consumption expenditures, the gross private investment, the government consumption expenditures, the net income from assets abroad (net income receipts), and the gross exports of goods and services, after deducting two components: the gross imports of goods and services, and the indirect business taxes. The GNI is similar to the gross national product (GNP), except that in measuring the GNP one does not deduct the indirect business taxes.

GNI versus GDPEdit

For example, the profits of a US-owned company operating in the UK will only count towards US GNI and UK GDP. If a country becomes heavily indebted, and pays large amounts of interest to service this debt, this will be reflected in a decreased GNI but not a decreased GDP. If a country sells off its resources to entities outside their country this will also be reflected over time in decreased GNI, but not decreased GDP. Therefore, the GDP appears more attractive for countries with increasing national debt and decreasing assets.

GNI versus GNPEdit

GNP is a concept that goes hand in hand with GNI, GDP, and NNI. In contrast to the GNI, the GNP does not account for the balance of cross-country income, such as interest and dividends. In contrast to the GDP, the GNP account for the values of products and services based on citizenship of the owners rather than the territory of the activity

List of countries by GNI (nominal, Atlas method) (millions of US$[1] (Top 10)Edit

Rank 2010 2009 2008
1 Template:Country data United States style="text-align:right"|14,600,828 Template:Country data United States style="text-align:right"|14,223,686 Template:Country data United States style="text-align:right"|14,506,142
2 Template:CHN5,700,018 Template:CHN4,857,623 Template:Country data Japan style="text-align:right"|4,853,005
3 Template:Country data Japan style="text-align:right"|5,369,116 Template:Country data Japan style="text-align:right"|4,785,450 Template:CHN4,042,883
4 Template:DEU3,537,180 Template:DEU3,473,814 Template:DEU3,504,510
5 Template:Country data France style="text-align:right"|2,749,821 Template:Country data France style="text-align:right"|2,750,418 Template:Country flag2 style="text-align:right"|2,799,960
6 Template:Country flag2 style="text-align:right"|2,399,292 Template:Country flag2 style="text-align:right"|2,538,578 Template:Country data France style="text-align:right"|2,700,770
7 Template:Country data Italy style="text-align:right"|2,125,845 Template:Country data Italy style="text-align:right"|2,114,668 Template:Country data Italy style="text-align:right"|2,115,482
8 Template:BRA1,830,392 Template:BRA1,563,126 Template:Country data Spain style="text-align:right"|1,449,186
9 Template:IND1,566,636 Template:Country data Spain style="text-align:right"|1,472,046 Template:Country data Canada style="text-align:right"|1,446,669
10 Template:Country data Spain style="text-align:right"|1,462,894 Template:IND1,405,064 Template:BRA1,433,699


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