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Grainne Fadden is Director of Meriden, The West Midland Family Program [1] in the UK.

She is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust (, and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK. She has worked in the area of family work throughout her career, in clinical practice research, training and more recently in relation to influencing organisational change to incorporate family work in services.

Dr. Fadden has carried out extensive research, both in England and in Europe, and has an international reputation for her expertise in family interventions. She has written extensively on the effects of mental health problems on families, on ways in which families can be supported, and on the training of mental health professionals. In addition to this, Dr. Fadden sits on a number of national groups addressing issues relating to psychosocial interventions, and their application in the workplace. She is an advisor to the Department of Health on issues relating to families and carers, and has been working closely with the Royal College of Psychiatrists on issues such as confidentiality and information-sharing with family members, and the involvement of carers in the training of psychiatrists. She chaired the NIMHE Psychosocial Interventions Implementation Group[2] for three years.


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