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The NHS Plan (Department of Health, 2000) first described the role of the Graduate Mental Health Worker (GMHW) orGraduate primary care mental health workers (GPCMHW). They were introduced by the UK government in 20003 to provide treatment and support for those with common mental health disorders in primary care. The initial aim was to provide 1000 workers trained on a one year part time post graduate certificate, to be employed across the Primary Care Trusts in England to meet the capacity needs identified in the UK National Service Framework for Mental Health (1999) and the NHS Plan (2000).


It is intended that most graduate mental health workers will obtain the Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Mental Health Care Practice.


The GMHW is involved in 3 main areas treatment, team working and networking. Some services GMHWs may provide include:


Adequate clinical supervision is one of the keys to maintaining the quality of the clinical work offered by graduate mental health workers. The NHS has published guidance for courses and employers on what to provide pdf

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