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A system, person, or organization that tends to achieve a goal and demonstrate it in subsequent actions.

Goal-oriented or goal-driven/goal-directed/purposive is a property of systems which are able to think/reason/inference using symbols. Therefore to be goal-oriented is the concept which is included in the ontologies of systemics, and cognitive science.

On the other hand, to be goal-oriented can be the formal property of a methodology . In such case, the assumed attributes of goal are used in the building of a problem solution, see for ex. Top-down Object-based Goal-oriented Approach (TOGA meta-theory ) of Adam M. Gadomski.


  • In cognitive science, in the case of a sub-symbolic reasoning the concept goal is not "visible"/perceived neither for the reasoning system nor for its observer.
  • In psychology, socio-cognitive research and Artificial intelligence, human rational behaviour is also goal-oriented.
  • In organization sciences, the identification of an intervention goal of an individual and his/her goal-oriented behaviour, is more complex because, in real situation:
    • every human usually has more than one goal,
    • declared goal can be not congruent with his/her behavior,
    • organization goals can not be the goal of its employers.

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