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George Stuart Fullerton (18591925) was an American philosopher and psychologist. He was born at Fatehgarh, India; graduated in 1879 from the University of Pennsylvania and in 1884 from Yale Divinity School; and returned to Pennsylvania to be an instructor, adjunct professor, and dean of the department of philosophy, dean of the college, and vice provost of the university. He was president of the American Psychological Association in 1896. In 1904, he was appointed professor of philosophy at Columbia University. In 1913-14, he was exchange professor at the University of Vienna. His philosophy was realistic.


  • The Conception of the Infinite (1887)
  • A Plain Argument for God (1889)
  • On Sameness and Identity (1890)
  • On the Perception of Small Differences, with Cattell (1892)
  • The Philosophy of Spinoza (1894)
  • On Spinozistic Immortality (1899)
  • A System of Metaphysics (1904)
  • An Introduction to Philosophy (1906)
  • The World We Live in, or Philosophy and Life in the Light of Modern Thought (1912)

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Preceded by:
James McKeen Cattell
American Psychological Association

Succeeded by:
James Mark Baldwin

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