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George Frederick Stout (G. F. Stout) (1860, South Shields – 1944, Sydney) was a leading English philosopher and psychologist.[1]

Born in South Shields, he studied and later taught philosophy and psychology at Cambridge University.[2]

Stout was the editor of Mind from 1891 to 1920, a leading philosophical journal. He was president of the Aristotelian Society from 1899 to 1904. Notable students of Stout’s at Cambridge University included G. E. Moore and Bertrand Russell. During his career Stout also lectured at Aberdeen, Oxford, and St. Andrews.

George Frederick Stout died in Australia in 1944.

Significant publications Edit

  • Analytic Psychology (1886)
  • Manual of Psychology (2 volumes, 1898-1899)
  • Studies in Philosophy and Psychology (1930)

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References Edit

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  2. Stouth, George, Frederick in Venn, J. & J. A., Alumni Cantabrigienses, Cambridge University Press, 10 vols, 1922–1958.

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