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The DNA helix

Here is an introductory course in genetics suitable for psychologists. With the development of the Human Genome Project and the development of new methods and technologies it is likely that there will be significant advances in the next twenty years in our understanding of the link between our genes, our physiology and our behavior, mood and cognitionsetc. It is important that psychologist develop the knowledge base to make the best use of these developments.

  1. Introduction to Genetics
  2. Genetic Principles
    1. Classical Genetics
    2. Dominant and Recessive Genes
    3. Mendelian Inheritence
    4. Non-Mendelian Genetics
  3. Molecular Genetics
    1. Genomes
    2. Chromosomes
    3. The DNA Molecule
    4. Gene Expression
      1. Gene Expression in Eukaryotes
      2. Gene Expression in Prokaryotes
      3. Transcription
      4. RNA processing
        1. Capping
        2. Splicing
        3. Polyadenylation
        4. Editing
        5. Nuclear Export
        6. RNA surveillance
      5. Translation
      6. Regulation of Gene Expression
      7. Gene Control of Proteins
    5. Recombinant DNA Cloning Technology
    6. Molecular Evolution
    7. Transposition
  4. Population Genetics
  5. Quantitative Genetics
  6. Mutations and Evolution
  7. Diseases and Genes
    1. Linking Diseases with Associated Genes
    2. Genetic Predispositions for Diseases
    3. Case studies:
      1. Cystic Fibrosis
      2. Obesity and the Leptin Protein
      3. Cancer
  8. Pharmacogenetics
  9. Ethical Issues
    1. Reproductive Cloning
    2. Cloning for Research

External LinksEdit

  • Roche Genetics Education Program [1]

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