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Bardet-Biedl Syndrome


  • How have thing been going since we saw you last?


  • Are there some major issues that you want to make sure are addressed today?
  • We will gather medical information, any changes in the family, physical exam

Interim HistoryEdit

  • Hospitalizations?
  • Surgeries?
  • Illnesses?
  • Any doctor visits?
  • Ophthalmology visit?
  • How's the eating schedule been going?
    • Regular meal times?
    • Modified meals?
    • Scheduled snack times?
    • Restricted to one helping at meals?
  • Is involved in any school-type programs?
    • EI preschool referral
  • Behavior issues
  • Developmental issues
    • speech difficulties?
    • Motor issues (walking, running)
    • Know colors/body parts
    • Potty trained

Psychosocial assessmentEdit

Establish PlanEdit

  • Reiterate plan that was agreed upon in case (i.e. hospitalization in two weeks time? Vs. continue with strenuous weight loss plan)
  • Reassess parents' state of mind and emotional level
  • Make sure parents understand importance and necessity of 1) eye appointment & 2) weight loss


The information in this outline was last updated in 2000.

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