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#redirect[[Gender identity disorder in children]]
==See also==
[[Transgender youth]]
===Key texts – Books===
===Additional material – Books===
===Key texts – Papers===
===Additional material - Papers===
==External links==
[[Category:Clinical psychology]]
*synonyms and related phrases
'''History of the disorder'''
*historical sources
*famous clinicans
*[[racial distribution]]
*[[age distribution]]
*[[sex distribution]]
'''Risk factors'''
*[[known evidence of risk factors]]
*[[theories of possible risk factors]]
*[[known evidence of causes]]
*[[theories of possible causes]]
'''Diagnosis & evaluation'''
*[[psychological tests]]
*[[differential diagnosis]]
*[[evaluation protocols]]
*[[Social anxiety:outcome studies| outcome studies]]
*[[treatment protocols]]
*[[treatment considerations]]
*[[evidenced based treatment]]
*[[theory based treatment]]
*[[team working considerations]]
'''For people with this difficulty'''
*[[user:how to get help]]
*[[user:self help materials]]
*[[user:useful reading]]
*[[user:useful websites]]
'''For their carers'''
*[[carer:how to get help]]
*[[carer:useful reading]]
*[[carer:useful websites]]
'''For the practitioner'''
*[[practitioner:further reading]]
*[[practioner:useful websites]]
[['''Anonymous fictional case studies for training''']]

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