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galanin receptor 1
Symbol(s): GALR1 GALNR1, GALNR
Locus: 18 q23
EC number [1]
EntrezGene 2587
OMIM 600377
RefSeq NM_001480
UniProt P47211
galanin receptor 2
Symbol(s): GALR2
Locus: 17 q25.3
EC number [2]
EntrezGene 8811
OMIM 603691
RefSeq NM_003857
UniProt O43603
galanin receptor 3
Symbol(s): GALR3
Locus: 22 q12.2 -13.1
EC number [3]
EntrezGene 8484
OMIM 603692
RefSeq NM_003614
UniProt O60755

The galanin receptor is a G protein-coupled receptor, or metabotropic receptor which binds galanin.[1]

So far three subtypes are known to exist: GAL-R1, GAL-R2, and GAL-R3.[2] The specific function of each subtype remains to be fully elucidated, although great progress is currently being made in this respect with the generation of receptor subtype-specific knockout mice.

Galanin receptors can be found throughout the peripheral and central nervous system and the endocrine system.


  1. Lang R, Gundlach AL, Kofler B (2007). The galanin peptide family: receptor pharmacology, pleiotropic biological actions, and implications in health and disease. Pharmacol. Ther. 115 (2): 177–207.
  2. Branchek TA, Smith KE, Gerald C, Walker MW (2000). Galanin receptor subtypes. Trends Pharmacol. Sci. 21 (3): 109–17.

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