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Full Circle: The Moral Force of Unified Science is a book by Edward Haskell and others, on the unification of human knowledge.


The books was edited and written by Haskell, with Harold Cassidy, Arthur Jensen, and Jere Clark each contributing a chapter. The Table of Contents is as follows:

Dedication vi
Editors Statement: This is a Scientific Revolution viii
Chapter I Summary of Theoretical Issues: What Generalization of Mendeleev's Periodic Table Means Harold G. Cassidy 1
Chapter II Generalization of the Structure of Mendeleev's Periodic Table Edward Haskell 21
Chapter III The Role of Unified Science in Vitalizing Research and Education Jere W. Clark 91
Chapter IV The Periodic Table of Human Cultures:
Part 1: Anthropo-Socio-Historico-Linguistic Bases of the Periodic Table Edward Haskell 111
Part 2: Direct Psychological and Genetic Empirical Basis of the Periodic Table Arthur R.Jensen 156
Chapter 5 Unified Science's Moral Force Edward Haskell 169
Glossary Index 215
The Authors 239
Editor's Acknowledgements 241
Appendix 243
Index 251

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  • "Full Circle argues that scientific specialization has destroyed those concepts and values crucial to the survival and regeneration of Western democracy. These values are boldly restated as an assembly of the sciences - physical, biological, and psycho-social - within a single system, the periodic coordinate system of Unified Science, modelled on Leibniz's Universal Characteristic....." (Full Circle )


  • Haskell, Edward et al., Full Circle: The Moral Force of Unified Science, 1972, New York: Gordon and Breach. ISBN 0-677-12485-6, (out of print)

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