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Franz Carl Müller-Lyer, born Francis Xavier Hermann Müller (5 February 1857 - 29 October 1916) was a German psychologist and sociologist.[1] The Müller-Lyer illusion is named after him.[2][3][4]


Müller-Lyer was born in Baden-Baden.


He studied medicine at the Universities of Strasbourg, Bonn, and Leipzig. He also studied psychology and sociology at the Universities of Berlin, Vienna, Paris and London.

In 1888 he entered into private practice in Munich.


  • Phasen der Kultur und Richtungslinien des Fortschritts, 1908. Translated by Elizabeth Coote Lake & Hilda Amelia Lake as The history of social development, London: G. Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1920.
  • Der sinn des lebens und die wissenschaft. Grundlinien einer volksphilosophie, München: Lehman, 1910.
  • Die Familie, München: J.F. Lehmann, 1911. Translated by Stella Browne as The family, London: G. Allen & Unwin, 1931.
  • Formen der Ehe, der Familie und der Verwandstschaft, Müchen: J.F. Lehman, 1911.
  • Phasen der Liebe : eine Soziologie des Verhältnisses der Geschlechter, München: A. Langen, 1913. Translated by Isabella Wigglesworth as The evolution of modern marriage: a sociology of sexual relations, London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd., 1929.
  • Soziologie der leiden, München: A. Langen, 1914.
  • Die Zähmung der Nornen, 2 vols., München: Albert Langen, 1918-1924. Edited by Betty Müller-Lyer.


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