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Francis X. Barron aka Frank X. Barron was an American researcher into creativity

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He developed the Barron Welsh Art Scale

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  • Barron, FX (1963) Creativity and Psychological Health
  • Barron, FX (1968)Creativity and Personal Freedom
  • Barron, FX (1969) Creative Person and Creative Process
  • Barron, FX & Taylor CW (1963) Scientific Creativity
  • Barron, FX (1972 )Artists in the Making
  • Barron, FX (1979) The Shaping of Personality
  • Barron, FX (1995) No Rootless Flower: An Ecology of Creativity
  • Barron, FXCreators on Creating (1997).

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Other readingEdit

  • Unusual Associates (1996) is a festschrift in his honor,was published in

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