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Fourth grade (called Grade 4 in some regions) is a year of education in the United States and many other nations. The fourth grade is the fourth school year after kindergarten. Students are usually nine or ten years old, depending on their birthday. It is a part of elementary school. In some parts of the United States, fourth grade is the last year of Elementary School. Primary school is a school providing instruction for very young pupils, comprising the first three or four grades of elementary school. In England, the fourth year of school is called year 3, and the pupils are 7 to 8 years old.[1] Fourth grade is equivalent of 'Year 5' in Wales, Primary 6 in Northern Ireland and Primary 5 in Scotland - the fifth year of compulsory education in Wales and Scotland, and the sixth in Northern Ireland.

  • In Brazil the age for elementary school was recently raised from 8 to 9 years, and the minimum age required for fourth grade was changed from 8 to 9 years old.
  • In Ireland, the equivalent is Second Class (for 7-8 year olds) which is year 4 of Primary School.
  • In New Zealand, the equivalent is Year 5. This is the penultimate year of Primary School.

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