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This is the actual Category Tree for the whole site. We shall build it here. Once we have sorted it out and built most of the structure, we can move it to its own page, and let people fill in the smaller details.


(1)Category:Applied psychology

(2)Category:Clinical psychology
(3)Category:Types of clinical problems
(5)Depression Article

Category:Applied psychology

Category:Clinical psychology

Category:Educational psychology


Category:Other specialist fields

Category:Professional items


Category:World psychology

Category:Academic psychology



Category:Cognitive psychology

Category:Comparative psychology

Category:Developmental psychology

Category:Experimental psychology

Category:Language & communication

Category:Personality psychology


(2) Category:Philosophy by period
(3) Category:19th century philosophers
(3) Category:19th century philosophy
(4) Articles
(2) Category:Philosophy by school
(3) Category:Existentialism
(3) Category:Kantism
(3) Category:Nihilism
(4) Sub categories of specific types of school or Articles
(5) Articles


(2) Category:Philosophy by nationality
(3) Category:American philosophers
(3) Category:British philosophers
(3) Category:Canadian philosophers
(3) Category:French philosophers
(3) Category:Ancient greek philosophers
(4) Articles


Category:Research methods

Category:Social psychology

Category:Social processes

I think "social processes" should not be a main category. I think it should be a sub-category of social psychology. (I suppose that it could also be simultaneously a sub-category of sociology, but that's a secondary concern.) Comments? Jaywin 04:57, 14 August 2006 (UTC)


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