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For other papillae in the tongue, see Papilla (disambiguation).
Foliate papillae
Vertical section of papilla foliata of the rabbit, passing across the folia.
Latin papillae foliatae
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Foliate papillae are short vertical folds found on the lateral margins of the tongue. Taste buds, the end-organs of the gustatory sense, are scattered over the mucous membrane of their surface. Serous glands drain into the folds and clean the taste buds. They are occasionally Misdiagnosed as tumors or inflammatory disease. They are usually bilaterally symmetrical. Sometimes they appear small and inconspicuous, whereas they may be prominent. Lingual tonsils are found immediately beneath the foliate papillae and, when hyperplastic, cause a prominence of the papillae.

Differential Diagnosis Edit

- Hyperplastic lingual tonsils - Squamous carcinoma - Soft tissue tumors

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Each foliate papilla is folded slightly, giving the appearance of a leaf.

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